Anti-Ragging Cell

More About Anti-Ragging Cell

Jonai Girls College has an anti-ragging cell which looks into all matters relating to any physical or emotional harm caused by one student to another in the college premises. Students found involved in this kind of activities would call for the strictest punishment from college authorities besides facing deserved punishment from the court of law.
Faculty or any employee of the institution involved or found to be encouraging ragging activities directly or indirectly would also be dealt with accordingly. Students are asked to report to the Convener/ Co-convener or any members of the anti-ragging cell immediately if anyone is found to be involved in this heinous activity.

Dr. Runumi Regon

MA, Ph.D.
Phone No.: 6001425801,   E-mail: runumirbhujel@gmail.com

Mr. Hemanta Medak

Phone No.: 9678205834,   E-mail: hemantamedak@gmail.com

Dr. Jugendra Pegu

MA,M.Phil., Ph.D.
Phone No.: 8472045298, 8638948374,   E-mail: jugenp@gmail.com

Mr. Utpol Roy

Phone No.: 9678297337,   E-mail: utpalroyjonai@gmail.com

Mr. Dhruba Padi

MA, B.Ed, M.Phil
Phone No.: 9101062510,   E-mail: dhrubapadi3@gmail.com

Mr. Dibyajyoti Kumbang

Phone No.: 6001808346,   E-mail: kumbangdibyajyoti@gmail.com